Amy Feldman

Non-fiction Editor & Writer


About Me

I'm a non-fiction writer and editor with eight years' experience, based in Bath, UK. 

I am the author of Cats of the National Trust* (National Trust Books, 2018), Dogs of the National Trust* (National Trust Books, 2019) and a number of National Trust books and guidebooks, including Henry James at Lamb House (National Trust, 2020). My short essays and book reviews have also appeared in a number of printed and online publications. You can see my portfolio here

Editorially, my specialisms are heritage and social history, cookery/food, nature/outdoors and UK travel. I have a copyediting qualification from the Publishing Training Centre (awarded Merit). Find out more about what I can offer.

Outside of writing and editing, I'm usually playing roller derby, escaping to green space with my family or curled up under a blanket with a book or good tv show (and cake. Lots of cake). 

If you think I'd be a good fit for your project, I'd love to hear from you so please drop me an email.

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My Books


What She's Having

Publishing 25 February 2021

My essay 'Honey Cake', about being family and identity and being Jew-ish, will appear in this collection published by Dear Damsels. In it, sixteen writers explore the complex and meaningful relationships that women have with the food we cook, eat and share.

Editorial services

I have eight years' experience of development and copy-editing and hold a copyediting qualification from the Publishing Training Centre (awarded Merit). My specialisms are in heritage, social history, nature/outdoors and food/cookery but really I just love working on anything with a great story and writing and collaborating with authors to create something of which we are both really pleased. Ideally, we'd both have fun getting there too!

One of the books I'm proudest of developing? The bestselling National Trust Book of Scones (National Trust Books, 2017), which has proven hugely popular and won the Association of Cultural Enterprises Award for Best Book by a large organisation. 



I am the author of two books and a number of National Trust guidebooks, and have also written personal essays and book reviews for a range of publications. I particularly love researching and writing about people, social history, books and culture. 

I have also contributed to display board text for the Cleveland Pools, Bath, where I am a key contact for the interpretation volunteer team. 

If you think I'd be a good fit for your project, please do get in touch.